We love what we do, technology, and we do what we love, cycling.

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Niche was born with the conviction that future cities will need improved mobility solutions, solving increasing pollution and traffic congestion problems.

Bicycles are one of the answers. But let’s do things easier for everybody. Just enjoy the ride as much as the destination!

Founders are building experience since 2004. Francesc build more than 60MW in solar farms and founded a comunity of 400.000 members in social car. Lluís developed a top notch technology company involved in car industry, with customers like SEAT, Nissan, Mitsubishi, KTM and Hero. Enric and Marc build a brand of high end electric motorcycles sold in 12 countries. Now is time for NICHE Mobility, founded in 2021, and working in the concept of the ADTS® for 1 year, technology patent pending and granted by the spanish Ministry (Plan Moves). The company will develope the product with a skilled technical team during 2023 and 2024, and scheduled start of production by end 2024.
Francesc Founded Social Energy
Lluís Founded OTC Engineering
Marc Founded Volta Motorbikes
Francesc Founded Social Car
Enric joined Volta as CTO
Niche ADTS conception
Proof of concept
Product developement and patent
Start of production
EU Comercial expansion
New product launch
Target 100.000 units/year
ebike trabajo de engynering

Know how

Experienced founders team: 50 years accumulating experience in mobility and technology products to achieve the game-changer solution for bikes.

sistema electronico para bicis


The next big thing in cycling industry is all about electronics.

bicicleta con cambio automatico

We love cycling

When you work on what you love, you’ll never work again.

moverse por la ciudad en bicicleta es una opció sostenible

We believe in cycling commuting

Healthy for you, healthy for your city.

Our team

Marc Barcelo niche

Marc Barceló

CEO and founder. Riding alone you move faster, riding in group we arrive further.

Francesc Queralt niche

Francesc Queralt

CBO and Founder.
The guy with the big ideas.

Enric Delgado niche

Enric Delgado

COO and co-founder.
The 2 wheels crazy passionate guy.

Lluís Olivet niche

Lluís Olivet

Electronic Department.
Electronics seems easy with him.

Kike Monegal

The financial Maestro.

Gemma Prieta at niche

Gemma Prieto

Project Manager.
Enthusiast, skilled, dedicated, professional.

Eudald niche

Eudald Arbós

Industrial Electronic Engineer. If there's no solution, I'll invent it!

Coral Tarrés niche

Coral Tarrés

Marketing and Communications. Charged by creativity, powered by passion

Jose luis niche

José Luis Pardo

Business Development Advisor. The only constant in life is change.

03 – 07 July 2024

Eurobike here we go!

We are waiting for you in Hall 8, Stand C05.