New easy
moving way

Introducing the first automatic power-train
for e-bikes.

Ride easy pedal less, enjoy more
Ride easy pedal less, enjoy more

We love easy things

Just pedal! Enjoy the ride and forget about the rest. Niche’s automatic transmission system will do the rest.

Reduce fatigue

High torque

Reduce maintenance

No gears needed

Smoothen the ride

Like a real electric vehicle

Easy ride

Just pedal, we do the rest

Automatic Digital
Transmission System (ADTS®)

Infinitively variable ratio is done digitally. No mechanical gears shifting. Seamlessly, virtually and continuously the system modifies the ratio to set the perfect configuration for the rider (depending on speed, slope, selected map…).

Evolutioned system for evolutioned bikes

ADTS® advantatges

Digital transmission

Electric assistance

No discrete gears, no moving mechanisms, but digitally changing the gear ratio infinitely and continuously to set the perfect point in any situation. Do nothing, just pedal! The system will do it for you to move smoother, effortless and with much more ease.

niche te ayuda en las cuestas

Regenerative braking

Down-hilling charging

Recharge your battery by down-hilling. As simple and easy as that. Furthermore, when braking in any situation, your ebike will be also charging the batteries.

niche frena en las bajadas

Reverse gear

Effortless movement

Sometimes moving forward is tricky. Make it easy by pushing a single button or pedaling backwards.

niche marcha atrás

Advanced mobility
drive system
technical features


Mid motor with 250 or 450 Watts of assistance (peak power of 2.000W) and assistance up to 25 or 45kmh. Digital transmission system intregated, working like and Automatic Continuously Variable transmission. Multiple sensors (speed, slope, torque..) feeds data to BCU (Bycicle Control Unit) modifying the gear ratio instanly and continuously to set the perfect configuration for the rider.


Downtube orIn-Tube integration battery mounting, both detachable. Battery capacity from 650Wh to 850Wh (depending on version), with Integrated BMS.


Compact LED display, 1,7” TFT remote or 3,5” HD TFT OCA display options. The colour display is easy to read in every situation due to transflective design. Current data and system information are displayed on 4 changeable screens (speed, odo, cadence, consumption, instant power…).


Integrated and embedded 4G and Bluetooth IOT module, the smart system connects the e-bike with digital world. Smart system functions can be controlled via the app, this includes customising and enhacing the e-bike to the needs of the rider in any moment. Can be used as a full display, tracking the most important data, but also updating the system with over-the-air updates, anti-theft protection, localization and wireless blocking the bike.

usa una aplicacion mobil para controlar la bici

Specs and


Electric assistance



Digital transmission

Automatic gear shifting

Up to 80km




Regenerative and reverse